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La saveur de ma vie

A book written by Nathalie Porteils

30 years of poetry and pictures are gathered in La Saveur ma vie !The book is being crowdfunded on Ullule and is expected to come out in July, 2019 : feel free to go and check out the crowdfunding!

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The author

Nathalie Porteils : a young woman who loves poetry, creative writing, dance, movement and art…

Nathalie Porteils has always been fascinated by her search for an unity between body, soul and spirit, and by the ways in which the body manages to communicate through our emotions, our movements and our pains to tell us about our lives.


While working as a professional physical therapist – masso-kinesitherapy and haptonomy – Nathalie explores art under its multiple forms: drawing, writing, poetry, dance et movement; the free expression of the being through several medias.

Todays she stands at the center of those converging currents and, nourished by her complex life experiences, she welcomes you to a journey across those last ten years of poetry and those last twenty years of art; a miggling meltingpot in which each piece of art goes on to illustrate the next…

About the book

As far as I am concerned, what Nathalie has delivered goes beyond poetry, it is a novel of a new kind. Each of the poems comes with a picture and reflects a specific state of mind at a given moment. [...]La saveur de ma vie is a story written without being told.Everyone is able to understand it, but in many different ways according to our own experiences.The details do not matter: only the journey does.

Grégory Beuret

This book is one of a kind since it is neither illustrated poetry nor a bunch of drawings stringed together with a few lines of text: the words and the pictures stand as equals – there are double pages with only text as well as pages showing several paintings at once.La Saveur de ma vie is meaning to share a life experience, it takes its reader on a journey through her author's eyes even as she experiences ansgst, questions her place in the universe and thanks Life Itself for the marvellous sights it bestows upon her everyday.

Jeanne Amiot

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What you need to know

La Saveur de ma vie is more than a book: it is a global project that keeps on evolving.

Here is what you need to know:



La Saveur de ma vie will come out during the summer in 2019. You can however already buy it by participating in its crowdfunding. You get to play an active part in the project while setting aside a book for youself!



An art exhibition will be held on Sunday, June the 9th in Baillargues (near Montpellier) to celebrate the book's printing with all sorts of creative workshops. You can already confirm your presence there!



In order to let you enjoy the paintings in your own home, a shop dedicated to La Saveur de ma vie has now been opened on Redbubble. Pick your favourite painting, the size you prefer, and it's done!

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Vernissage La Saveur de ma vie
Vernissage La Saveur de ma vie
09 Jun 2019, 13:00 – 17:30
Blue Pearl,
69 Avenue de la Biste, 34670 Baillargues
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