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The artist

Nathalie Porteils


Nathalie Porteils: a young woman who loves poetry, creative writing, dance, movement and art…

Nathalie Porteils has always been fascinated and in search of a unity between body, soul and spirit, and by the ways in which the body can communicate — through emotions, movement and even pain — to tell us about our lives.


While working as a professional physical therapist in masso-kinesitherapy and haptonomy, Nathalie explores art in its many forms: drawing, writing, poetry, dance et movement; the free expression of the being through several medias.

Today she stands at the center of those converging currents and, nourished by her complex life experiences, she welcomes you to a journey across these last ten years of poetry and these last twenty years of art; a complex combination in which each piece of art blends into the next…

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