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The Flavours of our lives

What is La Saveur de ma vie?

Nathalie Porteils launched "La Saveur de ma vie" as a literary project in early Fall, 2018. It came from her wish to create, share, take the reader on a journey. Renaissance, the very first book in the collection, was officially published in the Spring of 2019; through the association of poems and paintings created for over ten years, Renaissance prompts its reader to evolve and celebrate rebirth.

That first volume enabled Nathalie to create a collection, Les Saveurs de nos vies (The Flavours of our lives), standing at a crossroads between writing, visual arts, dance and music: an assortment of creations centered around common values like exploration — studying oneself, studying the world all around —  and exchanges — sharing life experiences. The collection goes through multiple formats, delves into several genres and involves guest artists, in order to help the readers to reclaim a sense of awe and a taste for adventure.

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